Call for Papers

Topics are relative but are not restricted to the followings:
 Special Session - Energy & Sustainability

˙Alternative Energy

˙Environmental & Climate Science

˙Agriculture Technology

˙Environmental Systems Approach

˙Clean Technologies

˙Green Organic Synthesis Routes


˙Renewable Sources of Energy

˙Environmental Sustainability

˙The Challenge of Sustainability

Biological Engineering Session

˙Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

˙Computational Evolutionary Biology

˙Biological Systems and Models

˙Computer Assisted Intervention Systems

˙Bioelectrical & Neural Engineering

˙Data Acquisition, Normalization& Analysis

˙Biomechanics & Bio-Transport

˙Health Monitoring Systems & Wearable System


˙Protein Structure, Function & Sequence Analysis

˙Biomedical Robotics & Mechanics

˙Rehabilitation & Clinical Engineering

˙Bio-Signal Processing & Analysis

˙Tissue Engineering

˙Biometric & Bio-Measurement

˙Cell-free synthetic biology

Life Sciences Session

˙Advanced Biochemistry

˙Cell Biology



˙Botany Microbiology

˙Developmental Biology

˙Biochemical, Cellular & Molecular

˙Gene Regulation, Identification & Network

˙Biochemistry & Biophysics


˙Biomedical Imaging, Processing & Visualization


˙Biomechanics of Human

˙Human Anatomy and Physiology

˙Biomedical Polymers

˙Human Genetics

˙Biomedical Ultrasonic

˙Hyperthermia -Biology & Physics

˙Biomedical Devices, Sensors, & Artificial Organs

˙Molecular Medicine & Human Disease

˙Computational & Systems

˙Neurobiology Plant Science

˙Cancer Biology

˙Nero Musculoskeletal System

˙Innovations in Biomedical Engineering Education

˙Structural Biology

˙Veterinary Sciences


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December 5, 2019

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January 22, 2020

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